Romantic Rafting Trips on the Old Main River

Enjoy an exclusive and memorable rafting trip on one of the oldest waterways in Germany, where raftsmen piloted their large slow rafts made from spruce trees downriver until the 1950ies.


The Old Main River has long since been closed for shipping, and has remained unchanged in its natural beauty over decades. Our 25t raft will take around 3.5 hours for the 9km distance downstream. At the Main River loop, we leave the raft to drift in the current, past some of the world-famous steep wine slopes like the "Escherndorfer Lump", and continue on across a nature preserve and bird sanctuary.


The rafting tour can be booked with optional wine tasting, a hearty winemaker's snack, roast suckling pig and more. We can furthermore organise an accompanying entertainment programme for you, with vineyard tours and a wine bar visit at your destination.

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