Carthusian Monastery Museum, Astheim

A conceptual museum with a purpose

The 15th century Carthusian monastery and museum in Astheim is nestled among the green slopes of the wine country across from Volkach. More than 600 art objects exhibited at the Astheim Carthusian monastery museum tell the story of Christian iconography and the use of religious images in Christianisation. Here, the language of art in imagery becomes accessible, as does its importance in terms of spreading the word of Christianity through art.


The works on display here are exemplary of their time: They try to offer the viewer a better understanding of content and function of religious art. A tour of the museum conveys a multi-faceted representation of man's endeavour to get closer to God with the help of depictions of the divine mystery.


Franconia's rich religious image culture remains alive in the region – in churches, abbeys, and chapels, but also in our living and breathing contemporary culture. It still shapes everyday life for the people – be it in processions, pilgrimages, or religious decoration on houses – a heritage which the Carthusian monastery museum in Astheim tries to summarise and make accessible to all.

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